Article: Fifteen FIFA World Cup Final Tournament Facts Ahead of Qatar 2022

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By Paul Yarden | 25th MAR 2020

Here are 15 facts about the FIFA World Cup that can amaze your fellow football fans. The FIFA World Cup is organised by the sport’s global governing body, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and is open to every men’s team from its 209 full members, which is a larger number than the United Nations (192) or the International Olympic Committee (205). The championship is played every four years and the first tournament was held in Uruguay in 1930. The next FIFA World Cup Final Tournament to be held in Qatar is the 22nd Edition and is scheduled to begin on 21st November with the Final Match on 18th of December 2022, which is also Qatar National Day.

  1. The most times players have appeared in a FIFA World Cup Final was five: Antonio Carbajal (Mexico, 1950, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966), Lothar Matthäus (Germany, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998) and Rafael Márquez (Mexico, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018).

  2. Vittorio Pozzo of Italy was the only manager to win the FIFA World Cup twice in 1934 and 1938. No other manager won the World Cup more than once.

  3. Miroslav Klose of Germany scored the most all-time goals in the FIFA World Cup Finals’ tournaments from 1930 to 2018 with 16 goals to his credit. Ronaldo of Brazil has 15 goals to his credit.

  4. Sweden 1958 is the only FIFA World Cup in which all four United Kingdom “Home-Nations” qualified for the World Cup Finals. England & Scotland went out in the first round, Wales and Northern Ireland made the Quarter Finals.  World Cup Progress Chart.

  5. Both Israel and Australia competed in five different FIFA World Cup qualification matches in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceana and South America. Israel World Cup Records

  6. The two Italians who won the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot were Paolo Rossi (6 goals, 1982 Spain) and Salvatore Schillaci (6 goals, 1990 Italy). World Cup Golden Boot and Highest Goalscorers

  7. The original name of the FIFA World Cup trophy was “Victory”. The trophy was renamed “Jules Rimet Trophy” in 1946 after the retirement of the FIFA chairman Jules Rimet who was the driving force behind holding the World Cup Tournament.

  8. Poland is England’s most frequent opponent in the FIFA World Cup Matches having met 13 times. Germany (and West Germany) have met England 7 times in the World Cup, Finland, Northern Ireland, Romania and Wales have played England 6 times each. England’s International Football Record

  9. Argentina won the FIFA Youth (U-20) World Cup the most time with six wins to their credit.

  10. There have been 53 Hat-Tricks in total in FIFA World Cup Finals Tournaments. West Germany / Germany scored the most  Hat-Tricks with seven to their credit, followed by Hungary with five Hat-tricks and Argentina with four Hat-Tricks.

  11. Three players scored double Hat-Tricks in a single FIFA World Cup Final Tournament. Sándor Kocsis from Hungary in 1954 World Cup, Just Fontaine from France in 1958 World Cup and Gerd Muller from West Germany in 1970 World Cup.

  12. The last FIFA World Cup Final Tournament without a player being sent-off was the 1970 FIFA World Cup Finals in Mexico. The only other tournament without a dismissal was in Brazil 1950 FIFA World Cup.

  13. The seven founding countries members of FIFA on 21st May 1904 were Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland. Germany also indicated their willingness to join.

  14. Brazil are the only Nation to appear in all 21 FIFA World Cup Final Tournaments from 1930 to 2018.

  15. For the final match of the 1930 World Cup between Uruguay and Argentina they couldn’t agree on which ball to use, so they agreed used a different ball for each half.

Paul Yarden is Founder and Editor of MyFootballFacts

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