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Which Premier League team has been awarded the most penalties?

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Christmas – 2019 is almost here and we can now take a look at which club had the advantage of being awarded the most penalties during Premier League season 2019-20 till Matchday 17. If we cross-reference the 2019-20 Premier League Table and number of penalties scored we can conclude that relying on spot-kicks doesn’t necessarily make a the best team. In Premier League season 2019-20 – Manchester United was awarded the most penalties till Matchday 17. Man Utd were awarded 8 and scored 4. No team was awarded a penalty against Man Utd till Matchday 17, 2019-20. On Matchday 17 Man Utd are 6th in the Premier League Table. It seems history is repeating itself for Man Utd who were awarded the most penalties in season 2018-19 at 12 penalties and 9 scored, and finished at 6th in the 2018-19 Premier League Table. So scoring penalties helps, but doesn’t seem to be the best winning strategy. Here is some more proof from previous Premier League seasons to back-up this conclusion.

The most penalties awarded in any season was 13 for Leicester in 2015-16, of which they scored 10. Leicester finished 12th in the 2015-16 Premier League Table.

During the Premier League era 3 more clubs (in addition to Man Utd) were awarded 12 penalties, which is the 2nd most number of penalties awarded to any Premier League Club.

In Season 2013-14, 12 penalties were awarded to Liverpool, who scored 10 penalties. Liverpool finished 6th in the 2013-14 Premier League Table 2013-14.

In Season 2009-10, 12 penalties were awarded to Chelsea, who scored 11 penalties. Chelsea finished first in the 2009-10 Premier League Table 2009-10.

In Season 2004-05, 12 penalties were awarded to Crystal Palace, who scored 11 penalties. Crystal Palace finished 18th in the 2004-05 Premier League Table 2004-05.

So in general, penalties don’t have so much power for winning games of course withe exception of Chelsea 2009-10.

Check out  the stats at All-Time Premier League Penalties by Club and Premier League Penalties by Season.

Check out  the stats at All-Time Premier League Penalties by Club and Premier League Penalties by Season.


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