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Article: Top 3 EPL Players Of The Last Football Decade

By John Lewis | 5th DEC 2019

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Through the years, sports has given us a handful of golden players who continuously reign thanks to their impeccable skills in the playing field. Today, in the year 2019, many players have come down through a path of success. Along the way, they garnered endless recognitions and praises from many people, including distinguished leagues who has since carved their names onto the hall of fame.

Now, with the entrance of a new decade, plenty of competitions from the past has bestowed memories that many football fans hold dear to their hearts. These memories have been truly treasured by avid football fans, especially at the height of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s popularity. Even with these two acting out their most extraordinary skills within the field, rivalry still seeps its way in as they were usually pitted against one another together with their clubs and whatnot. 

Now, in the Premier League, many happenings that became famous are still fondly reminisced and remembered by loyal fans. E\Looking back, even though England was deprived by not having Messi and Ronaldo, it still made up for the last 10 years wherein the most iconic football players have turned their backs against the peak of it all.

Nonetheless, new football fans are still eager to know more about these golden players. If you’re one of them, check the list below to find out their achieved milestones:

David de Gea

In 2011, shortly after his grand arrival, De Gea astonishingly regarded himself easily as the best goalkeeper in the world, joining alongside other grand football players in history. Ever since the start of his glory days, he has been called over within the Premier League’s Team of the Season for about 5 times already. Until today, De Gea is still considered as the best keepers throughout the history of football.

Leighton Baines

Most football players come and go. They leave a few imprints of themselves and then they go with the wind, disappearing from the sight of many people and hiding from the limelight for good. However, there’s no one that has become consistent in terms of achievements like Baines.

His accomplishments are what makes him one of a kind to the extent of including him in the top 11 EPL players in the last decade, as reported by Betway. Betway is a betting platform which caters to many fans and their wages for a chosen player. Going back, in many premier leagues, Baines has spearheaded their matches by showing his skills which catapulted him in the 2010-2011 season. Appointed as the Everton vice-captain, to date, he appeared in many famous television shows which led to the extent of his performances being flaunted. Additionally,he got the spot in two varying “Teams of the Season” and indeed was well-deserved.

John Terry

Terry has been dubbed as one of the top defenders within the recent decade and, undoubtedly, one of the best in football history, too. His titles came by after 2010 and left the industry while carrying his legendary contributions to football as a sport. Since 1998, he has made 492 appearances, surprising long-time fans with his dedication and grit. 

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