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The English Premier League is one of the most sought after football tournaments across the world. Each year different club teams gather together to battle and fight for supremacy in EPL. Apart from the popularity of this tournament there are some big investments involved as well. There is no doubt that just like sports UK Betting, football too is a lucrative sports in the world and its ultimately the players and the clubs, that makes most of this profit. In this article, we are going to provide you some interesting data regarding the profit process involving the business of football and transfers and so on. Let us analyze this topic and some of the interesting facts related to it in this article.

The EPL Business

In terms of business investment and profit the English Premier League is one of the most successful football leagues across the world. At present, it is ranked at number 4 with the kind of investment it draws. Although this year the total business has been much less than in the past few years, but it still ranks at number 4 with a massive business investment of an aggregate sum of over 7500 million US dollars. This can give you an idea of what kind of investments is involved in it.

About Transfers

One of the ways in which the football clubs makes profit and also loses money is by way of transfers. Transfer is the process when a player playing with a certain club under contract shifts to another club during the session. This process is known as the transfer of the player and it’s quite popular within clubs. Let’s try to find out more details about it and cover some of the frequently asked questions related to transfers.

Why does transfers takes place?

For new fans of football, who are not aware about business behind EPL and other football events, the process of transfer involves heavy profits getting transferred as well. Some of the players of a certain club might be performing great and other club would like to buy them at a higher price. At the end of the day, everybody including clubs wants to make a profit and if they find the deal reasonable, they can go ahead and do the transfers.

The right of transfer of the player right lies in the hands of the club and they can do it as per the terms of the agreement. In the same way, some of the players who are not performing well may be dropped in transfers as well. So as you can see, this is a mixture of performance and business that results in the transfer of the players.

What is a free transfer?

When a player who is playing for a certain club is made available for the taking by the club itself then it is called a free transfer. This mostly happens when the contract of the player with that club has expired and it is not renewed.

The difference between a regular transfer and a free transfer is that in most of free transfers, the club who occupies that player has to play the money amount which is much less than what they have to pay in a regular transfer when an offer us made.

What kind of money is involved in a transfer?

The amount of money involved in a transfer is not fixed. It is basically based on mutual agreement. An offer is made and if it is accepted, then the deal is done. It can be a small deal or it can even go in a multi-million deal. The biggest deal that involved in a transfer of three Brazilian players went well over 220 million dollars.

 What is meant by Player on loan?

A player on loan means a player playing for another club who does not belong to, without playing the transfer fees. This happens when a club is not in a position to pay the transfer fees of the player but he is still able to pay the wages and other expenses. A player on loan playing for the other club can be called back in January during the transfer deals, provided that the clause is mentioned in the terms of agreement while giving the player on the loan.

When does transfer takes place in EPL?

The process of transfer is an ongoing one which takes place during a certain period of time. In case of EPL this session, the transfers get over on the 8th of August. However, English Premier Players excluding British clubs were allowed to continue the transfer process to the 2nd of September.

What happens in a transfer?

As stated above, the process of transfer involves shifting of a player from one club to the other. This means that if clear a player A is playing for club  X and Y want to buy it then club Y makes an offer to club X.  If club X accepts the offer then the player A gets transferred from club X to club Y. It is as simple as that.

Are there any rules for transfers?

Yes, there are some rules for transfer. If there are no rules, then the practice of transfer can go overboard and can kill the spirit of the game and make it simple business. The fundamental rule of transfer is that a club is allowed to have a maximum of 2 transfers at a time. Also, a club can have a maximum of 4 transfers in a season.


We hope that we were able to provide you some interesting information about the transfer deals from the world of football and you are able to enhance and updated knowledge about this subject. We believe that we were able to provide you some interesting information about the transfer deals and how the football business goes on. We will like to know your opinion about this article. Please feel free to provide your feedback in the comments section. We wait for your comments with interest.

By John Lewis