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Article: 4 Football Tournaments You Can Place a Bet On

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Football is big business. There are hundreds of different leagues and tournaments all over the world and millions of fans watching every minute of every game. For teams in Europe, there are a number of different competitions that they can compete in where they meet teams from different countries, battling it out to become the top team in Europe for that season.

Many fans love to bet on football online through sites like Unibet. Online betting is really popular with people who cannot make it to a game and like to watch on TV or online. Here are the top 5 tournaments that football fans all over the world like to place a bet on when the tournament comes around.

The English Premier League

One of the richest and most famous leagues in the world is the Premier League. The Premier League is England’s top league and is home to some of the greatest and most watched football teams and players in the world. In total, there are 38 teams in the league, with the bottom three teams being relegated every season, replaced with the top 3 teams from the league below, the English Football League. It is thought that coverage for the Premier League is shown in 212 territories and is be watched by more than 4.7 billion people every season.

The FIFA World Cup

The popularity and fame of the Premier League is only second to the FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is hosted every four years in a different country and features the top teams from all over the world. The actual tournament only features the top teams that have been through a number of different rounds of qualifying to reach the final group stages of the tournament. One of the most prolific teams in the World Cup is Brazil, who have won it five times.

The UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest tournaments in Europe and sees the top teams from the European leagues, including the Premier League, battle it out to become the top team in Europe. Games are played all over Europe, and to begin with, teams are put into groups. The top teams from each group then go on to play each other in the finals, which are held over two legs at each team’s stadium. The final is usually held in a big European stadium and attracts millions of viewers, with the finals this year being streamed live on YouTube by BT Sport.

The UEFA Europa League

Where the top teams from each of Europe’s top leagues are able to take part in the Champions League, teams that finish just below them are able to take place in the Europa League. This is a similar style tournament to the Champions League, but it could be considered to be a slightly lesser tournament, though it still has some of the top teams in Europe completing for the prize. This usually takes place at the same time as the Champions League.

By Ken Lewis

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