Article: 2019 Football Betting Tips and Strategies by Ken Lewis, My Football Facts

Article: 2019 Football Betting Tips and Strategies by Ken Lewis

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If you are a fan of sports betting, it is essential to use a trusted betting website. We personally recommend bet365. They have a simple sign up process and have competitive offers on a wide variety of sports. Once you set up an account, you will need a good strategy to make accurate predictions and maximize your gains. As each year brings on new challenges in the sports industry, it is essential to adapt your betting strategies to the developments of sports.

In the following lines, we will reveal some tips and strategies that are guaranteed to increase your betting earnings in 2019.

1. Decide what type of a better you are

Most people start betting on football because they simply like the sport and they want to have some fun with it. If you are betting just for fun, we advise you to set up a budget and make sure to never exceed it, no matter how sure you are of the outcome of a game. If you want to make a profit from betting, or better yet, if you want to make a living out of it, you need to abandon your loyalties, keep a cool mind at all times, and experience with different strategies. It helps if you have an act for math and statistics.

2. Do your research

To make money out of football bets, you will have to know everything that happens in this sport, even when your favorite teams are not playing. Keep statistics of the outcomes of all relevant games, as well as the evolution of different teams and players, and other relevant facts such as transfers, changes in referees and so on. Basically, you need to know every factor that could impact a team’s evolution and change the result of a game. If this is your first time working with sports statistics and strategies, you will need to put a lot of effort into gathering historical data, but your effort will pay off as this data will help you make accurate predictions.

3. Start with simple strategies

As a beginner betting strategist, we advise you to start with the following simple and easy to implement strategies:

  • Over/under 2.5 strategy

Statistically speaking, the average number of goals scored in any football match is 2.5. Based on only this statistic, you have to predict whether an upcoming match will have more or less than 2.5 goals. If you bet on several matches, make sure that when you add up the goals and divide them by the number of matches, you get an even 2.5 ratio. Betting over 2.4 is generally more exciting, as the more goals there are in a match, the most interesting the match will be. The bigger a league is, the more chances you have to win with an over 2.5 bet, as big leagues usually have high scoring games. To increase the accuracy of your predictions, try betting on teams who consistently score over 3 goals per match. Nowadays, you can easily find the scoring history of a team online, so you shouldn’t have problems gathering your data.

  • Bet on underdogs

Betting on a team that has few chances to win might seem like a losing strategy, but there are many situations in which this can be a winning bet. For example, a big team who is about to play against several big teams in the future will most likely put their key players to rest when they will play against smaller teams, and these are the situations that you must exploit. Underdogs will always have the odds against them, so if you do win such a bet, you will make a consistent profit.

  • Bet on a draw

To bet on a draw, you need to do a lot of research and look for patterns, or in other words to find the teams which regularly finish a match with a draw. This strategy usually works better for smaller leagues with a lower number of average goals.

4. Should you trust football prediction sites?

This is a tricky topic as you can never be 100% sure of a betting prediction. First of all, you might wonder why people would give free predictions when they could simply make the bets themselves. Well, some people like to make predictions without actually risking their money on them. Some websites offer free predictions in order to gain traffic and they make money in other ways such as ads. Other websites offer paid predictions. You should definitely read football predictions as there are a lot of experts that make good points on upcoming matches. However, online predictions should never cloud your judgment, nor should they discourage you from ignoring the historical data and your gut instincts. In the end, you need to develop your own strategies and betting system, without relying on any outside source.

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