Article: Top Reasons Soccer Stadiums are Switching to LED Lighting, My Football Facts

Article: Top Reasons Soccer Stadiums are Switching to LED Lighting

Making the switch to LED lighting offers significant energy savings over incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent alternatives. On average, LEDs consume 80% less energy when compared to incandescent light bulbs. Additionally, LEDs contain no harmful mercury and use less energy to produce the same light output as other lamp alternatives, which reduce their impact on the environment. For these reasons, many soccer stadiums are switching to LED lighting solutions.

Decrease Environmental Concerns

The carbon footprint of a soccer stadium is directly related to the amount of electricity consumed. Power plants producing this electricity create excessive amounts of CO2 emissions, which can contribute to many environmental issues. Estimates suggest that almost half of our carbon footprint is due to electricity and about a quarter of that is due to lighting alone. Using these lower wattage LEDs can reduce overall CO2 emissions, and reduce your carbon footprint. LEDs last much longer than alternative light bulbs. As a result, fewer light bulbs mean less disposal, reducing contamination to our environment and our landfills.

Substantial Reduction in Energy Spend

Not only can LED lighting make your soccer stadium brighter and more enjoyable for spectators, but they can also reduce your energy bills. Switching to LED can cause a substantial reduction in your energy use. In fact, you can reduce it by as much as 85 percent, depending on your current level of use. This means lower energy bills as you continue to enjoy full use of your stadium, even for those outdoor matches that happen after dark.

Reduce Your Regular Maintenance Costs

To change most stadium lighting, there is special equipment required. In many cases, the lighting is mounted over 100 feet up. Because of this, renting the right equipment or outsourcing to a company with the right equipment can quickly eat up maintenance costs. Additionally, because LED luminaires last significantly longer, you do not need to maintain or replace them nearly as often.

Better Quality of Lighting for The Players And Spectators

In a soccer stadium, players and spectators alike must follow a relatively small ball. As such, it can be difficult to see well after sunset. Lighting that is too dim or creates too much glare can greatly impact the quality of the viewing experience and the safety of the players. As a result, that is why proper illumination is critically important. In addition to player and spectator enjoyment, the reduction of light pollution is an enhancement for the entire neighborhood.

Choosing the Right LED Lighting

With several years of expertise, AEON LED is the go-to resource for outdoor LED sports lighting. As a division of HyLite LED Lighting, AEON holds several patents and provides the highest quality LED lighting options on the market. For instance, AEON LED Luminaires emit crisp, bright light, allowing you to cover more space with fewer lighting fixtures. They are also highly efficient, improving energy use by as much as 85 percent when compared with traditional lighting. These luminaires also have a lifespan much longer than other lighting options. As a result, you will spend less time and money on replacements.