MyFootballFacts/UKSoccerShop Free Football Shirt Competition

Welcome to our first My Football Facts free to enter competition with a chance to win a prize of the FREE Football Shirt of your choice from the thousands available from clubs all around the world from UKSoccerShop football shirts.

Simply answer the following five football trivia questions (the answers to which can all be found here on MyFootballFacts site) and then make your estimation for the tiebreaker question. Then go to the UKSoccerShop football kits site and select your choice of prize. Add their web page address to your entry and email it to us at the address shown below.

The competition will run for one month until 20th October 2009. Any entries received after midnight GMT on 20th October will be disregarded.

Entry Form for Free Football Shirt Competition:

Write your answers in boxes, choose football shirt of your choice and press Submit button.

Here are the five football trivia questions:

1. Who was the leading goalscorer in the 2004 men's Olympic Games football tournament in Athens, Greece?

2. Which national team finished in third place in the European Championships in Yugoslavia 1976?

3. Since the formation of the Football League until the 2009 Final, which has been the only FA Cup Final to feature both teams from           outside the Top Flight of English football?

4. Up until 2007, how many times in total have Brazil won the South American Championships & Copa America?

5. In which town was German football legend Wolfgang Overath born?

Tiebreaker Question:

Estimate the total number of Premier League goals that will be scored in the ten fixtures on Saturday 24th October & Sunday 25th October (Birmingham v Sunderland, Burnley v Wigan, Chelsea v Blackburn, Hull v Portsmouth, Tottenham v Stoke, Wolverhampton v Aston Villa, Bolton v Everton, Liverpool v Man Utd, Man City v Fulham & West Ham v Arsenal).

Prize Selection:

Select the Football Shirt of your choice from UKSoccerShop football shirts and copy the page address of the shirt you would like in the following box

For Example, if you would like the 2009-10 Arsenal 3rd shirt with Robin Van Persie lettering & numbers
then copy the UKSoccerShop football kits web page address into your competition entry like this:

Your email address

We need your email address to notify you if you win

You can also send your answers by email to the following:

Remember to have your five competition answers, the tiebreaker goal estimate and the web page address of the free football shirt you would like as your prize in your entry email. Competition closing date is midnight GMT on 20th October 2009. Good luck!

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