Sunderland, the Trouble Makers of the Premier League?
by Thomas Siddons, The Halfway Line, 29th November 2013

Sunderland have had a struggling start to the season, sitting at the bottom of the premier league table after 12 games. Gone are the days of simply pointing out how many clubs have more points than Sunderland; another important statistic that sticks out are the red cards they acquired. They have nearly as many sending offs as they have points! With 7 points and 4 red cards showing what a frustrating season they are having. But why have Sunderland been getting so many red cards?

Well, their frustrating start to the season has
massively contributed by their need to win so
badly and when such passion is displayed then
bookings are highly likely. Another big factor is
that Italian manager they had, what was his
name?, Oh yes, Paulo Di Canio! He used a very
aggressive style of play, which was mimicking
the aggressive nature of the man himself. By the end
of his tenure, they were desperate for any points and
playing desperate is dangerous, so we’re flying in for
wild challenges. There was, a lot of anger
towards Di Canio from the players and they took it out on the opposition.

Gus Poyet has certainly helped Sunderland though they are still inconsistent. However, it’s not all good, Wes Brown was sent off last weekend but the Mackems won an appeal to overturn that one! Poyet has set up a flowing, much more stylish style of play and they know when to attack and when to defend, which is key in the Premier League. Their mentality is much more calm and the players clearly enjoy playing under Poyet.

Sunderland have double the red cards than any other team has received this season, averaging 1 every 3 games. A few teams have 2; Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Newcastle which is not too bad, but it’s 2 more than they would of hoped for. Chelsea, Hull, Swansea and West Ham have all got one, so they are not effected too badly but they’ll be hoping to not add to it!

Aston Villa, Cardiff, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Norwich, Southampton and Stoke, Tottenham and West Brom have all been very disciplined and received no reds! That’s quite a good stat and shows the Premeir League has been somewhat clean! Especially as you see that there was 52 reds last season and only 14 so far this term, though the season is only just underway!

So we’ll see what happens in the months to come! Comment below with your opinions! Thanks.

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Paulo Di Canio: the aggressive one!
Andrea Dossena just one of the 4 reds!
Wes Brown’s red card was eventually overturned!
Sunderland FC are the Premier League Club with the most Red cards so far this Season.
Tom Siddons is MFF Guest Author from The Halfway Line.