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Article: Sports Betting 101
Sports Betting 101

Before you get your wallets out and start betting on your favourite teams, there are a couple of things that you need to learn before you bet to win.
For gambling enthusiasts in the US, you must first check to see if a sport betting is legal in the state you reside in. Although there is an entire
industry in Nevada that is highly popular, most states have termed this sport as illegal. For those of you in Europe, this is a very common term for you and is commonly practised throughout as well.

So... How do you become a sports betting superstar? Let us find out before we tell you the best sports betting sites

How Sports Betting Works

Although the definition of sports betting is very easy, the basics are a bit harder to catch. Before you do anything, you first need to understand the jargon. There are some vocabulary you must learn first, they are:

Action - Action is the word used to describe a betting activity. Common phrase includes,  “Put me in on the action.”
Handle - The total amount of money that is wagered on bets is known as handle. One of the sports, which produce the highest handle for bookies, is football when the Super Bowl is ongoing.
Handicap - When advantage points are given to another team, in order to level the betting field this is known as handicap.
Juice - Juice is the amount percentage of winnings a rookie takes from bets. Another term used for this is vig. Bookies at times cut off a small percentage from the handle for their selves.
Sportsbook - A book, which has records of all bets, bookies, individuals who take, bets have this book to keep a record of everyone who has lost and won.
Spread - Spread is the term for high points. This term is most common in football kind of sports. It is used to bring higher bets into the competition.
Money Line - Money line is used in sports like basketball in which scoring is not high enough.
Parlays & Pools - Parlay is the word used for betting combinations. Instead of placing different bets in different sports, a single bet is placed through a parlay. The winner can only hope that as the results of the outcome, they win. Pools are conducted in offices, a bookie is not needed, and one person records the bets, afterwards, hands over the winning amount to the winner.
Pick’em - Games, which are considered as money line games, are known as pick’em or pick. The definition of the work is that both teams have equal chances at winning with minimum bets ranging from €1-10 ($1-10).

Best Sports Betting Sites

Now that you are aware of what sports betting is and what are its basics, let us move on. If you think you are ready to place a wage on your favourite team, here is a list of the 10 best sports betting sites you can choose from;

Paddy Powder
188 Bet
Boyle Sports